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Give your applications AI superpowers

The fastest way to get AI in your business applications using low latency AI APIs


A click away from the power of AI and ML

Fast APIs

Sub Seconds 200+ AI APIS. Whether it is text, image or Audio enjoy the low latency experience.

Easy integration

Developer-friendly Javascript SDK.

Open Source

Fully open source solution deployable anywhere from cloud to on-premise.

Bring your own models

Bring your existing models trained with industries standard tools.

Leverage AI in MS Excel

Leverage AI using embedded Excel AI Formulas.
Convert your existing AI/ML APIs into excel formulas.

Train AI within MS Excel

Training AI had never been that easy thanks to our Excel AutoML Add-in. We support tabular, time-series, text and image data.

As simple as an API call

curl, JS, Python, PHP, Typescript SDK we got your back

See Powerpoint AI Add-in in Action

See how business applications can be leveraged thanks to Gladia's AI APIs

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5 / 5

I’ve been moving forward with my trials and, based on the experience so far. I feel I needed a service like yours sooner.

James - CEO at Undiscoled Financial Services
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4.5 / 5

I needed to add image generation to my application. Without any AI/ML/DL skills, building a Dall-e or similar was not an option. GladIA allowed me to add this option in a few minutes without headaches!

Anthony - Lead Developper JS/Typescript
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5 / 5

Due to the number of requests I receive, I do not have time to explore as many opportunities as I would like. The Gladia AI Support Addin allows me to analyze data faster and work on predictive analytics.

Mia - Data Analyst