A complete rework of Whisper ASR that eliminates hallucinations and drastically improves accuracy. Built using over 1.5 million hours of audio, including phone and noisy data

Zero hallucinations
We improved Whisper architecture to remove 99.9% of hallucinations
10-15% less WER
More accurate than Whisper large-v3,
while being 2x faster
Designed for real-life audio
Optimized to deliver top results in complex environments, like call centers and bots

Enjoy the best version of Whisper at scale with no limitations

Superior performance without hallucinations
With the new ASR system, Gladia mitigates virtually all Whisper hallucinations – while providing superior accuracy and speed of transcription, including in noisy and multilingual environments.
Cloud-based ASR solution for all enterprise needs
Our API gives access to proprietary features to build advanced ASR-powered voice applications for your business. These include real-time transcription, speaker diarization, word-level timestamps, code-switching, and advanced language detection.
Production-grade Whisper API fit to scale
We provide a production-ready API to launch your product straightway – no setup cost or hardware requirements, with SLAs for enterprise contracts.

More on technical implementation, see developer docs.
Data privacy and compliance
We guarantee 100% safety of all data in accordance with EU (GDPR) and US (CCPA) privacy regulations, with zero retention policy and on-premise hosting available on request.

Compare features

Superior accuracy and speed in real-life
professional use cases
Slow and prone to hallucinations
Core features
Smart formatting
Noise reduction
Custom vocabulary
Smart formatting

99 languages supported, excluding dialects
Can do any-to-any language translations
99 languages supported
Translation from any language to English only
Additional features
Batch transcription
Word-level timestamps
Speaker diarization
Live transcription
Enhanced language detection
Batch transcription
Phrase-level timestamps

Any audio or video file type. Large files of up to 500MB and 135 mins, extendable on demand,
plus URL support (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
Limited to the most common audio input formats. Files of 25MB and 30 sec max. Does not support transcription via hosted URLs or callbacks
Output formats
JSON, plain, SRT and VTT (for subtitles)
Data protection
GDPR-compliant EU hosting, with a strict privacy policy
Not GDPR-compliant and does not have a privacy policy



Perfect for developers, early-stage startups, and individuals



(10h/month included)


Designed to grow with scaling digital companies



+ $0.144 / hour for live transcription


Custom plan tailored to the modern enterprise

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Product News

Introducing Whisper-Zero

Today, we're thrilled to release a new breakthrough ASR system, Whisper-Zero —a complete rework of Whisper combined with multiple state-of-the-art models, using over 1.5 million hours of diverse audio, including phone-quality and noisy data from real-life environments.

Product News

Here’s how we optimized Whisper ASR for enterprise scale

In this article, we give you a breakdown of features and parameters that distinguish Gladia API from both open-source and API versions of OpenAI’s Whisper ASR model. 


Thinking of using open-source Whisper ASR? Here are the main factors to consider

Perhaps you’re a developer looking for an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solution for the first time. Or an executive looking for more affordable, faster, more accurate alternatives to the mainstream speech-to-text solutions for your business. Where do you turn to?

From audio
to knowledge

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