Our vision

Jean-Louis Quéguiner, previously VP of Data, AI & Quantum Computing at OVHcloud, founded Gladia to make cutting-edge AI tools and research accessible to any developer.

Since then, our initial mission expanded to address a bigger need in the market. Namely, that up to 90% of enterprise audio data currently goes unused. We want to change that.

We believe there is a better way to work

At Gladia, our mission is to help companies build knowledge infrastructure platforms to connect all internal audio, text, and visual data and make it discoverable in real time.

Our first product, Audio Intelligence API, is designed to enable any company to easily embed top-quality Audio AI into their applications, whatever the tech stack.

Why start with

Audio AI?

Because voice is the primary way humans communicate. From virtual meetings to content creation and customer care — words have value we can’t afford to lose.

The way we see it, audio is the foundation of every company’s AI knowledge infrastructure. We’re working on delivering the next-gen knowledge management platforms, built one brick at a time to adapt to your ever-growing needs.

Our ultimate goal is to help companies easily leverage AI to give humans the time and information needed to mature their best ideas into impactful decisions.


Founding team

Jean-Louis Queguiner

Founder & CEO

Ex-Group VP of Data, Al & Quantum Computing at Europe's leading cloud provider, OVHcloud. Holds a Master's Degree in Symbolic Al. Driven by a mission to simplify Al for developers, single-handedly built a chatbot to curate, classify and unify all Al applications in one store, enabling 13k+ model implementations to be classified in less than 4.5 years.

Jonathan Soto

Co-founder & CTO

Served as engineering manager/VPEng./CTO in multiple startups and scaleups, including Sigfox, specializing in low-latency telecom infrastructures. Holds a Master's Degree from MIT. Author of multiple academic papers, one co-written with two physics Nobel Prize winners.

Our investors

With the support of


We are 14 people driven by a single vision: to inspire new ways to work with the help of AI.

We're deeply passionate about tech and highly ambitious in our approach to unlocking its full potential.

Our team shares the same core values: benevolence, honesty, and transparency. Meaning ours is a very open company culture, and we intend to keep it that way.

If you're excited by our mission and values, don't hesitate to reach out.

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