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How do I get started with your API?

To get started with our Audio Transcription API, you can sign up at app.gladia.io and request an API key. The portal provides detailed documentation, guides, and examples to help you use our API.

What authentication methods does your API support?

Our Audio Intelligence API uses a custom Gladia-key-based authentication.

Can you provide examples or documentation on how to use your API?

Yes. You can find all the necessary resources by visiting the For Developers page.

What are the rate limits and usage restrictions for your API?

Our API has rate limits in place to ensure fair usage and maintain system performance. The specific rate limits and usage restrictions depend on your subscription plan. You can find detailed information about rate limits on our Pricing page.

Do you offer support for multiple programming languages?

Absolutely! Our API is designed to be language-agnostic, meaning you can use it with any programming language that can make HTTP requests. We provide code examples in multiple languages to assist developers in integrating our speech-to-text API.

How can I test your Audio Intelligence API?

As you sign up for our product on the website, you’d be able to test the API in a dedicated user environment.

How can I report a bug or provide feedback about your API?

If you encounter any bugs or have feedback regarding our audio transcription API, we encourage you to write support@gladia.io or leave us a note on Discord. Our team will promptly investigate and address any issues or feedback you have.

What are the terms of service and usage policies for your API?

Our terms of service and usage policies outline the terms and conditions for using our Audio Intelligence API. You can find them here. We recommend reviewing these documents to ensure compliance with our guidelines.

How can I request additional API features or enhancements?

We value customer feedback and actively consider feature requests and enhancements. You can submit your requests here or on our Discord.