Opening up new markets for a sales meeting and CRM enrichment platform: Spoke's success story with Gladia

Opening up new markets for a sales meeting and CRM enrichment platform: Spoke's success story with Gladia

Opening up new markets for a sales meeting and CRM enrichment platform: Spoke's success story with Gladia
Published on
Mar 2024

In the past, sales teams around the world were presented with a twofold challenge. In addition to showcasing their products in the best light to prospects, they needed to take detailed notes during the call and fill their CRM software manually afterward.

The whole process was challenging, time-consuming, and inefficient, taking away the valuable time of the customer-facing staff from tasks they do best and deliver the most impact in.

Luckily, that is changing with the help of AI-powered virtual meeting platforms optimized for sales teams. Spoke is among the leading French platforms contributing to the CRM automation trend in the field with the help of Gladia’s multilingual audio transcription API.

About Spoke

Founded in Paris in 2020, Spoke is on a mission "to transform any salesperson into the best salesperson ever" with the help of its versatile meetings AI assistant.

Spoke’s platform is distinguished by a highly customizable interface, allowing users to set a wide range of custom parameters and ask the GTP interface questions, both before and after the meeting, to optimize the output and derive in-depth insights respectively.

The company’s primary target is customer-facing salespeople — the ultimate end users of Spoke — with the management staff being equally incentivized to engage with the platform to review the ideas and for quality assurance purposes.

To get started, Spoke offers out-of-the-box templates, based on the most common sales frameworks like BANT,  which can be customized extensively for more granular company-specific knowledge. It’s this “granular extraction” that the CEO of Spoke, Lazare Rossillon, considers the product’s most powerful point of difference today — and we couldn’t agree more.

Screenshot of Spoke app interface


In order to enrich CRM, perfect accuracy is indispensable — after all, CRMs are the single source of truth for companies that have a direct impact on their future revenue. The quality of the CRM is then as good as the quality of its underlying transcription engine, with errors like wrong speech attribution or misspelled personal details risking to contribute to a drop in customer satisfaction and missed deals.

Lazare and the team needed a highly accurate and reliable transcription in French to extract data from calls and automatically fill up CRM databases like Salesforce or HubSpot.

At first, the team tried working with both the Big Tech speech-to-text solutions and specialized contenders but found them predominantly US-centric. With a predominantly French-speaking user base, the company needed much better performance and quality in English and French.


To deploy a high-quality speech-to-text API and audio intelligence add-ons for all Spoke customers to transcribe and analyze online sales meetings and user interviews.

Specifications required:

  • Error-free batch transcription, powered by a model that removes virtually all hallucinations from transcripts to enable successful CRM enrichment.
  • Multilingual support, especially in French and other European languages;
  • Custom vocabulary, allowing to introduce specific company names and terminology to ensure they are transcribed accurately in every conversation.


With Gladia, Spoke was able to ensure a smooth user experience across a range of its core functionalities:

  • Searchable transcripts of each meeting, generated in near real-time in the form of an editable Q&A-styled report as the meeting is ongoing;
  • Interactive video playback, with key highlights of the meeting linked to the corresponding transcript sections;
  • Highly customizable dashboard, with the ability to pick a template for organizing the transcribed notes and set a custom vocabulary for them.
Screenshot of Spoke app interface
Screenshot of Spoke app interface


Setting up Gladia took the Spoke team less than a few days of work, thanks to the API’s comprehensive documentation and the helpful team in charge of customer support.

The results did not take long to wait, with Spoke users noticing a huge impact of the new transcription provider on their services.

  • Over 27,000 meeting hours transcribed by Spoke users, with an average of over 1,500 hours a week;
  • Number of errors have reduced drastically, as testified by Spoke users;
  • New European markets opening up thanks to Gladia’s best-in-class multilingual support.

The team at Spoke is now considering how they will leverage our API in the future. Spoke’s ultimate aspiration is to enable a two-way synch of information on their platform, with advanced AI assistance features that will serve to augment sales teams around the world with actionable, real-time insights and tips, based on client history and preferences.

Expecting that speed is going to become increasingly important for CRM enrichment moving forward, Spoke is confident that Gladia’s industry-leading latency in both asynchronous and live transcription can be counted on to deliver on this vision.

Having read this case study, do you feel like Gladia can be the right fit for your business too?

Don't hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss this in more detail  — or sign up directly below. Beyond virtual meetings, we cater to a range of use cases, including content & media, call centers, workspace collaboration, and more.

About Gladia

At Gladia, we built an optimized version of Whisper in the form of an API,  adapted to real-life professional use cases and distinguished by exceptional accuracy, speed, extended multilingual capabilities, and state-of-the-art features, including speaker diarization and word-level timestamps. Our latest model, Whisper-Zero, that removes hallucinations and improves accuracy across languages is available now.

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