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Thinking of using open-source Whisper ASR? Here are the main factors to consider

Perhaps you’re a developer looking for an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solution for the first time. Or an executive looking for more affordable, faster, more accurate alternatives to the mainstream speech-to-text solutions for your business. Where do you turn to?


Here’s how to pick the right speech-to-text provider for your Language AI journey

Until recently, AI speech-to-text has been reserved for the happy few. But commodification is on its way. As prices dropped while the accuracy and speed of transcription increased, there has been an explosion of speech-to-text providers catering to a broader range of companies and use cases. In this article, we give you a bird's-eye view of the market and introduce you to the speed-accuracy-cost tradeoff in audio transcription to help you pick the best Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) provider for your use case and budget. 

Case Studies

Powering virtual meetings with Language AI: Claap's success story with Gladia's Speech-to-Text

A case study showcasing the benefits of Gladia's AI API for Claap, an all-in-one video workspace that implemented our solution to provide its international users with advanced video transcription capabilities.

About Gladia

From Speech to Knowledge: Gladia’s Audio Intelligence API

Gladia is proud to announce the general availability of its groundbreaking Speech-to-Text API, previously in alpha. The revamped enterprise-grade API supports transcription, speaker diarization, word-level timestamp, code-switching, and beta translation in 99 languages.

Product News

Gladia Speech-to-Text API: Speaker Diarization

One of the major obstacles for Speech-to-Text AI has been separating out multiple speakers in a recording. This is where speaker separation, also known as diarization, comes into play.

About Gladia

March 2023 Roadmap its Speech-to-Text API: Speaker Diarization, Word-Level Timestamp and more

A glimpse into Gladia's roadmap for its Speech-to-Text API, starting with speaker diarization. We’re incredibly excited to be building our Audio Intelligence product in a community-led way, delivering a holistic final product adapted to the many needs and use cases brought to our attention.