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Building a song transcription system with profanity filter using Whisper, GPT 3.5 and Spleeter

The inception of music streaming gained initial popularity in 1999 with the founding of Napster, one of the pioneering streaming platforms. Millions of songs were available to listen to and download for free through the platform using the internet. One no longer needed to buy pre-recorded tapes, go to live shows, or tune into radio stations to listen to music.

Product News

What is summarization?

Summarization in speech-to-text (STT) AI is a popular feature that streamlines the extraction of essential information from spoken content. By condensing lengthy audio recordings or live conversations into concise summaries, STT summarization enhances user experience, facilitating quicker understanding and decision-making for the final users.

Case Studies

Opening up new markets for a sales meeting and CRM enrichment platform: Spoke's success story with Gladia

In the past, sales teams around the world were presented with a twofold challenge. In addition to showcasing their products in the best light to prospects, they needed to take detailed notes during the call and fill their CRM software manually afterward.

Product News

A new open-source developer app for AI translation, dubbing and lip synching to try

Text-to-speech, voice cloning, and visual dubbing are some of the hottest trends in AI at the moment. Used in tandem with AI transcription and translation, they make it possible to generate hyper-realistic voiceovers, indistinguishable from the sound of the speaker’s natural voice and speech patterns — including in entirely new languages.


What is OpenAI Whisper?

OpenAI Whisper is a cutting-edge Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system designed to transcribe spoken language into written text, leveraging deep learning techniques. Released in September 2022, this neural net has by now become a legendary tool in natural language processing, offering unparalleled accuracy and versatility and giving rise to numerous open-source and commercial applications.


Top 5 Whisper GitHub projects: A practical guide for programmers

In September 2022, OpenAI unveiled Whisper, an innovative open-source automatic speech recognition (ASR) model trained on an impressive dataset of 680,000 hours of diverse speech. Since its release, the model has received widespread recognition for its remarkable robustness and accuracy. It rivaled human capabilities in English speech recognition and set a new standard for multilingual transcription and translation.